History of the Ohio Building

The Ohio Building was originally constructed as two buildings.

In 1906 the east wind of the building was constructed and formed as the German American Trust.

In 1907 William “Buff” Kaufman a local grocer began building the western half of the building to be used as a grocery and the second floor to be used at the conservatory of music. (The document for the conservatory of music can be seen in our gallery)

In 1913 the entire second floor was converted to a hotel. The first advertisement for the Hotel Tuller appeared in the City Directory.

The Hotel Tuller started in 1913 – 1952.

There were a total of 40 rooms in the hotel.

What is now the bar area was the original check-in desk

Most of the woodwork is original including the bar area.

All public areas of the hotel had oak wood floors  with the exception of the ballroom, which is maple. These areas had stained trim woodwork.

In 1950 the Goodie Shop Cafeteria moved into the first floor of the building and the hotel closed and was sealed off.

Construction on “Casa Urbana” began on May 17th of 2004.

Over 400 tons of materials were removed – this does not include 12 layers of roofing or any of the restaurant equipment.

Casa Urbana is 13,000 square feet. The garage, storage area on the first floor and basement add an additional 5,000 square feet.

There are 7 HVAC units with seven zones. Plus a forced air heater in the garage, and a separate unit in the penthouse.

There are 5 indoor fireplaces and 1 on the roof.

There are 4 full and 5 half baths.

There are 3 different species of hardwood used in the flooring: Pine, oak, and walnut.

The elevator foyer has 11 species of wood and was voted 2nd place in the International Hardwood Floor Associations annual contest.

The entry stairs have 22 steps.

Under the hardwood floors in the east building is there is second hardwood floor. (When the second story was converted to a hotel the plumbing was installed on top of the existing floor and a new floor was placed on top)

The tulip globes in the Ballroom are original to the building. (Except for the 8 globes in the 4 corners).